Crowd Funding

Hello, my name is Brian and I am here to tell you about “Jun Fan - The Bruce Lee Musical.” Starting from an idea I had while doing my reflecting on how to combine my two passions: music and martial arts, and the work of Bruce Lee has turned into my life’s work and more importantly a revitalization of Bruce Lee on stage using music. Right from the first scene we take the audience into Bruce Lee’s life as he sails into the Seattle docks and from there we paint the stage with his undeniable spirit, perseverance and accomplishment. We hope to make a show that is as action packed as his life! It is storytelling at its finest, most inspirational moments. I am honoured to share it with you all. That is why I have created this campaign to encourage everyone’s involvement in “Jun Fan - The Bruce Lee Musical.” With your donations we can take our show to the stages of Broadway and London’s West End.

The goal of this campaign is to reach like-minded people for collaboration, raise money in exchange for early showings and rewards, and we also want to spread the word. We have the opportunity and resources to make this show unbelievable, but we cannot do it without your help. With your donation you can be part of this production. Some rewards even include a front row seat and backstage pass to our premier; it will be a truly inspirational and moving experience. Jun Fan - The Bruce Lee Musical is at a crucial stage in its development. After years of development and lots of research we have reached the time to put it all together as a remarkable tribute. The more people we can get involved the more thorough and successful our final production will be. So this campaign will give you the basics on our efforts and progress. Beyond that we encourage you to ask us questions, donate and get involved. We developed “Jun Fan - The Bruce Lee Musical” for Bruce Lee enthusiasts just like YOU, so enjoy! We believe we are really onto a fantastic way to showcase the life of an incredible man.

For more information on our crowd funding please contact at me and I will email you our crowd funding package which explains all.