The Show

Jun Fan - The Bruce Lee Musical brings to the stage for the first time the magic of the iconic 1970’s martial arts phenomenon and the first real action hero.

Fast-paced and action-packed, the show i based on the life of Bruce Lee and opens as young Bruce Lee sails into the Seattle docks. From the beginning, you see the spirit that sets our young star apart from the rest of the Chinese seeking a better life in America.

The musical takes us through the hardships Lee faced, along with the strength and determination he held onto with support from his wife Linda. You’ll experience his struggle to freely teach his passion, his personal challenge to bring his own voice to the world amid an overly racist Hollywood movie industry.

By becoming the first international Chinese action hero, Lee gave hope to all of the Chinese population. His movie creations brought his voice to the world and everyone listened. Even Hollywood stopped to witness Lee’s energy – a natural magnetism that captured the attention of the entire world.

Jun Fan - The Bruce Lee Musical lets you relive the excitement of the legend that was Bruce Lee.

About the show

Jun Fan – The Bruce Lee Musical opens with Lee on the top deck as his ship sails into Seattle’s harbour. Chatting in English, even dancing with the wealthy Americans and Europeans, Lee is claiming his future – a future far removed from the rest of the Chinese immigrants who were content below deck gambling, drinking and nearly shouting with each other in Cantonese.

From this start, we see that Lee is different. He carries a mission – a mission to succeed in America by any possible means.

After landing on American soil, Lee uses his talent and passion to open a martial arts school and starts teaching all races. This leads to the infamous fight with Wong Jack Man in 1964, a controversial private match in Chinatown of Oakland, California.

The fight stemmed from Wong’s threat for Lee to stop teaching non-Chinese by all the shifu’s or working class Chinese from Chinatown. When Lee refused to comply, Wong challenged Lee to a combat match. If Lee lost, he would have to shut down his school. But if he won, then Lee would be free to teach anyone.

This scene in the musical introduces Lee’s concept of Jeet Kune Do. In real life, this controversial match with Wong Jack Man influenced Lee’s philosophy about martial arts. Lee thought that the fight lasted too long, and that he had fallen short of his potential using his Wing Chun techniques. He thought traditional martial arts techniques were too rigid and formalistic to be practical for chaotic street fighting. Lee chose to develop a new system focused on “practicality, flexibility, speed and efficiency.”

Throughout the show, there are highlights of Lee’s life, including his meeting with the legendary film producer Raymond Chow. It also features scenes from Lee’s movies and behind the scenes when he is working on ideas and creating spectacular choreography.

Though the musical takes some theatrical license, the writing honours the outstanding work that one extraordinary young man accomplished in such a short lifetime.

“We hope this project excites you and look forward to seeing you in the audience.”


This musical has not been written for, or on behalf of and is NOT endorsed or affiliated with the Bruce Lee Enterprise or Bruce Lee Foundation but is an individual project written by professional writers, composers and orchestrators who work in theatre production. The story is based on the life story of Bruce Lee but has been adapted for theatre. It has the blessing of Robert Lee (Bruce Lee’s Brothers).